What If Platformers Were RPGs 3

Year is 2031,

People have grown bored of classic reality shows. Funny jokes are not enough, spectators want blood.

The most ruthless producers have seized the occasion and launched this innovative show.

How to watch ?

Life is bad, and cheap. Participants are aiming for the jackpot, 1000 dollars for whomever wins !

Candidates grab money when passing a sign

As an interactive show, you can use the mouse and right clic. Current candidate might be done for, but you can improve the odds of next candidates :

  • guts is the ability of candidates to keep motivation and face difficult situations
  • jump is the ability of candidates to ... jump

You "win" when a candidate reaches the flag at the end of the level


Frequently Hypothetically Asked Questions:

  • I can just spend points and cannot do anything else, is it even a game?

     >> Does it have to be?

  • What are the names under the characters, YOLO, BRUTE, etc ?

     >> Figure it out

  • Window is very small or too big

     >> There is a downloadable version for windows


It is for you if:

  • you are very bad at platformers but you like to see characters jump
  • you like playing the computer and doing your homework at the same time
  • you want to play at work when your boss is not looking
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Im confused as to what the ghost things do. Is it a random chance thing, or is it a direction thing?

the ghost is linked to 'guts'. If the roll is failed, the character jumps out of fear, if the roll succeed the character walks past it. You can click on the dice icon to have the details, or the logs icon on upper right.

Ohhhhhh! Makes sense. Thank you.

In the first level, there is a 50 dollar sign, and also a switch that leads to a 3 dollar sign. How do I get to these signs?

Im pretty sure you have to have a labled ¨Curious¨ person come by and flip the switch. The 50 dollar sign, im not so sure. 

You can use a yolo guy for the 50

great idle game, love the reality show concept too, keep it up!!

Cool game and a cool concept! Looking forward to more levels!

Thanks! Come back in a month next update will probably be out ;)

(1 edit)

On macOS, for some reason this game doesn't get a dock icon, meaning it's really hard to switch back to after changing to another app... also the way the mouse gets tracked gets really fouled up really easily, especially if I change the window size.

EDIT: Never mind, the app just belongs to the itch.io app! Okay, that's easy enough. But the mouse issue still exists. :)

Hi fluffy, thanks for letting me know.

Do you mean, with the web browser of your macOS ?

I only shared a version for web and versions for windows so I am quite surprised you can run it ;)

The itch.io app has a built-in web view thing for HTML-based games, which is how I was running it. However you're doing the mouse cursor doesn't work in that circumstance.

Hi Fluffy.

Unfortunately, there is not much I can do to solve this issue. However, I added a bunch of keyboard shortcuts so if you have the patience, you will be able to play the game without ever touching the mouse. Full detail can be found in patch notes.

Kind regards,