If platformers were RPGs 3, the sequel

Hi there,

After the nice feedbacks I got from clicker jam projet "If platformers were RPGs", I decided to work on a sequel that I could expand on.

Here it is ! I pushed the concept a little bit, 2 different levels are available to play. I decided to merge the 3 types of jumps into one, but there is more randomness in the form of titles of the characters (Yolo, Brute, Curious, Leader). I prefer to not explain it further, view it as personnality traits that could influence actions from time to time ;)

I will now resume my work on my main project "Cool Headed", but I could add a level to this new opus from time to time if people enjoy playing it.


IfPlatformersWereRPGs3- 5 MB
Sep 05, 2017
IfPlatformersWereRPGs3- 4 MB
Sep 05, 2017
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Sep 05, 2017

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