update world 3

At last world 3 is finished and available !

What's new in the game

  • upgrades :

    • you earn 1 point by completing a level
    • by clicking green arrow on the map, you go to upgrade selection and choose
    • you can reset the upgrades at will
  • new keyboard key W to remove bodies from level
  • new keyboard key P for panic button (hides the game and mute sound)
  • best completion time of levels (minutes/seconds)
  • max money is now 9999 instead of 999
  • extra candidates slightly go up in cost as abilities are upgraded
  • level 3

Level features :

  • deadly plants and vines
  • toll gates: pay money to unlock a shortcut in the level
  • teleporters
  • lasers

If you play the html version of the game, and if by any chance you have a blackscreen instead of the game, please let me know, and delete your existing sav.ini file.

Enjoy the update, next one will probably be for early december with an improvement to upgrades and level 4 :)


IPWRPGS3hhtml.zip 12 MB
Oct 15, 2017
IfPlatformersWereRPGs3- 6 MB
Oct 15, 2017
IfPlatformersWereRPGs3- 5 MB
Oct 15, 2017

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