Polish patch v0.1.0.5

Hi there !

From the returns I gathered, I added a few things:

  • you can add a very minor bonus on a candidate by clicking on the character. This was added for players that wanted to be more active in the game, not a game breaker or that much useful, but gives something to do if you want to
  • numbers toggle : gives an indication on the minimap of who is where
  • map toggle, dice toggle, numbers toggle are now recorded from one level to another, or when restarting the game
  • candidates losing motivation now express themselves with a " MEH :( "
  • minor mute initialization bug corrected (by default, mute is ON for html5 and OFF for windows)
  • the game can still be played with only mouse (intended way), but I added keyboard interactions if by any chance somebody can use a keyboard and not a mouse
  • some keyboard interactions can be interesting if you are making screenshots/GIFs:
    • C to hide cursor
    • H to stop the camera from following a player

Keyboard interactions details:

Everywhere in game:
numpad+    music and fx +10 volume
numpad-    music and fx -10 volume
S        mute/unmute sound
F        full screen/window
C        hide/show mouse cursor

On map:
escape        leave game
numpad1-9    select level
enter        confirm level
exemple: hold numpad1, press enter >> go to level 1

In levels:
numpad1    focus camera on player 1
numpad2    focus camera on player 2 / purchase player 2
numpad3    focus camera on player 3 / purchase player 3
numpad4    focus camera on player 4 / purchase player 4
J        boost jump attribute
G        boost guts attribute
D        enable/hide dice details
M        enable/hide advancement in level (map)
N        enable/hide numbers
L        enable/hide detailed log
H        press to stop/free camera

escape        enable/hide leave menu
enter        confirm
exemple: press escape, press confirm >> leave current level


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Sep 12, 2017
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Sep 12, 2017
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Sep 12, 2017

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