march of the blobs true ending

March of the blobs is finally complete!

From the 12 levels post ludum dare, the game now counts 60. Most notably, "the what levels" will give you headaches with their weird and admittedly a bit trolly solutions

If you are a new player coming across this post:

  • easy mode is a nice casual entrance to the game
  • normal mode is the original game designed for Ludum Dare
  • hard boiled is the normal mode taken to the extreme
  • another mode is the follow up of normal mode, with new concepts
  • the what levels are totally over the top

I believe with this game I achieved a good compromise on difficulty, I expect players of diverse level to find something they can achieve :)
If you are curious about a dev decision, don't hesitate to ask.

Have fun!

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Apr 10, 2019

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