A blob's fool

Hi there!

Some time passed since last update, and there have been lots of additions since then.

  • An easy mode of 12 levels to have an approach a bit more gentle toward beginners
  • A pause, so now you can pause the game whenever, giving you all the time in the world to perform previously tricky actions
  • 4 new "what" levels, they are a bit metagamy, so not for everyone

It has been quite relaxing to work on this title, it's hard to get back to tougher subjects! This will probably be one of the last content updates on this game, now it is time to mature new ideas.

I am confident previously frustrated players will have a bit more fun with this version :)

Have fun


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Mar 31, 2019
MarchOfTheBlobs-Default- 4 MB
Mar 31, 2019

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