blobs marching past ludum


Since Ludum, I spent quite some time on the game to bring more content for a more consistent playthrough.

So what has been added?

First, a trolly hardmode for players who were looking for a more challenging adventure on the base game. It uses only the content of first iteration, but taking it to the extreme for out of the box solutions.

After this, I started working on 12 additionnal levels but I needed to add a bit of novelty to avoid repetition. I believe the elevator and mostly teleporter blobs fit the bill, straying a bit more from the obvious lemmings inspiration.

Now that there are three main modes and 34 levels, I needed to add a leave button to go back. A much needed save of your progress will also allow replayability.

I will probably leave the game as this, perhaps adding very easy levels if some people feel left out because of difficulty only going up.
I am happy with the progress made since Ludum 43, it is time to move on to new projects.

Hope you enjoy and see you soon!

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Feb 01, 2019

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