Detective GUI is a puzzle platformer, played with mouse and keyboard.

Game is 5 chapters long

walkthrough by 'Curious Arcade'

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Average sessionA few minutes


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How do I beat 5-3

Nevermind :)

This world is hard

now im stuck on 5-5

In chapter two, level seven. I pushed the button, and nothing happened

i played this on a nothor plat form but amazing game

level 9 world 2 just hurts...

I've finished the level but it still wounded me...

I compleated all 4 chapters but I can't accsess the last one

Hold down the K button on the last screen of World 4.

Thank you

Not sure if it's useful or even intentional, but there is some hiden path on Barky.

hi there! it's not intentional nor serve any purpose but seing as it does not break anything I will just leave it there for speedrun sake

Okay then, if you say so.


Finally finished it 100%. This is a great thinky puzzle, you've got some very clever ideas. I'd pay good money for a sequel or a similar out-of-the-box thinky game. Keep at it. :)


I DID IT ... (click when you are ready)

I ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT COMPLETED IT ... (click when you are ready)

DOES ANYONE REALLY WANT TO KNOW? (click when you are ready)


Been loving the game, good job!

Tricky, but very inventive - I *love* this. 

What's the best way to contact you for a maybe-kinda-cool project?

thank you! you can message me on twitter.

I was unable to properly complete level 5-8, but there's a work around. Just set the score to 80 and die, then shove the 9 in the level spot.

Possible typo: "THOUGH" vs "TOUGH" @ last screen

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Update: Or maybe that's by design...

There seems to be a bug in level 5-8. After standing for ~4 seconds on the top-most blue button, the middle blue button was not triggering most of the times (2+).

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how in the world do i get to the levels in souls highway behind locks?? pls help

I really need help with level 9 in the second chapter.


Does the world 3 flag not work? because I can't seem to find a way around it

Clueless as what to do for "Spikeys" :(

That's as far as I've gotten, and I've checked the tapes but they don't seem to help


hint: 1up


I nerver saw a game so creative like this one. Normally puzzle games are always the same, but this one is different. Loved the way how all the levels were made. This is a really puzzle game. Very good.

This is really amazing! The game is relatively long (for its genre), yet it never ceases to surprise with new ideas, that always feel smart and fun. I really had a good time discovering it. The only levels that bothered me were those about counting, which are a bit laborious and not forgiving if you do a mistake somewhere. But overall, it was a fantastic journey!


I noticed that in Last World, level 5 is kind of like a prison.  But if you manage to break free, there is no void house.

good call, I will fix in next version!

Deleted 3 years ago

it's the end well played :)

Deleted 3 years ago

It does and I appreciate :)

When your game is done don't hesitate to send me a message on twitter.


Came across a small bug.  Level 6 on episode 4, I had found the code... freely given to me.  But then nothing happened.  I thought it might be something else... and I tried to enter a few levels in strange orders, thinking that might be it... But alas.

When I went back to level 6, I was told I was shy.  This is odd to me... but because there was the code my first time entering.

Well I gained a bit of privacy and saw the same code again- and this time it worked.  May be a rogue variable set as a 1 rather than a 0 initially for level 6. Worth looking at.

Having loads of fun by the way!

I just released an update. In it, I totally reworked the codes. Basically if you had started with one random good input, if after that you did a full good input it wouldn't work, you had to insist a little bit.

Now it is much more clear, with visual feedback on what you input, and if code is good or wrong (only after input of the 7 digits).

Thank you for the kind comment!


Here's a walkthrough for anyone interested:


Thank God. Thank you!

If you hit a level were you can warp though a level warp though the points then go though the warp then you can soft lock the game becuase you cant move

I'm curious, can you tell on which world/level this happened? I have put contingencies in place for this.

It happened for me on chapter 1, where there was a warp, but the lock wasn't opened yet, so I had to close and reopen the program.

I'm stuck. Pretty much at a dead end with Dilemma. (I guess world 2 or maybe 3). I don't know. I've been here for a couple days. Can anyone give a clue on how to get those infernal gates open so I can perhaps move on with this game?


Xrrc pyvpxvat ba gur oybo. ( use rot13 to decode )

That helped... Then I had an epiphany and figured out the 2nd part of it. Thank you!!

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I was Stuck on "Sabotage" level 5-3.   Tried jumping on the Overlord. Waiting. Even erasing Chapter 5 progress because the level was called Sabotage...which didn't work :(

Finally figured it out though :)

Very enjoyable. Hits the frustration wall every once in a while but not enough to stop coming back for more.


Brilliant game! I finished the first 3 worlds and even got one star on each. But now I'm stuck on 4-6 In Confidence. I don't have any idea what combination to enter. Did I miss a clue somewhere?

yup. Look carefully at smalley's psychology in beastopedia.

Smalley on that level just keeps saying "I am shy" and beastopedia entry tells pretty much the same. It's a honest creature but how do I make it talk business? Hm...


Nevermind, I solved it :)


I've finished chapter 5! In the first 3 chapters I've got the second star and in 4th chapter the first one. And no stars found in 5th. Perhaps I'll return to this game later to find them all. Thanks a lot for this amazing experience!

Thank you :)

There are 2 ways to complete 4-6. One way you could have done at the time, the second way just go back it should be ok and you will understand why.

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I couldn't stand the temptation and started a little star hunt. So at the moment I lack only 2 stars. The first one in chapter 2 and the second one in chapter 5. Any clues will be very appreciated :)


World 3-8  How many gems are collected.  Notepad.exe, counted multiple times, the code doesn't seem to work.. do the inputs work for you all?  Am I missing something obvious?

I even found a "Safe Zone"... So, I've searched all over.  I'm only posting here to (hopefully) confirm this isn't a bug....

It might be a bug, lets see.

You need to add for each ghost its score in level 1 + 5 + 8

So to properly deduce, you need to have completed both level 1 and 5. Let's put uber noob aside, as its score is not asked in the level 8 question.

The coins supposed to be collected in lvl 1 are: Ninja=6 ; Inhu=4 ; Croc=5; Poly=5

In level 5, there is only 1 ghost you really need to count, as you should have confirmation for the rest if you completed the level (level name was a clue).

Again in level 8 there is a 'trap', look carefully at which ghosts are there, level name and smalley's text are clues.

If still with what I am saying you are unable to find the good numbers, please just straight tell me how many you counted in each level under Chapter3 development log please.

I appreciate your feedback to make the game better :)

A-ha... so it is a "bug" however unintended.  Smalley gave me a clue to solve 5, and I said "That's neat" and discarded the information when passed.  8 surprised me with "Now know more information".  When I go back to Smalley, he says "Not Bad".  He doesn't remind me of that clue that I once had.   It has changed.  I guess I should start over and replay everything in one sitting? :D

But yes, I'm wise to the trap, and you have danced with me well to not spoil anything not already spelled out in the levels.  If YOU can add them and input them, then I know the puzzle is properly stumping me.  I'll post more feed back after I break it.  It's only 100,000,000 combinations or so....

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edited as it contained not accurate info

I should have checked this Sooo many days earlier!  It's been like a week.  I've seen it... I don't understand how Inhuman's score is calculated.  I have a discrepency.

Specifically 7, 0, 4 and 6, 6, 0 where the second 6 is... trickily obtained.  I'm using the exe. 

Also, the numbers written above, when inputted, do NOT work.   DetectiveGUI-Default-  We're in agreement with the first two, but the values here, again,  do not work when inputted.


So I'm a mad lad.  I actually brute forced it.  Here's a cleverly cropped image designed to be deleted later.  I think the labels got swapped.  Even so, the numbers I was getting did not line up with what brute forcing revealed in the end.  There are two innocent players here which we are in agreement.  I hope this helps!

you need to input all good numbers for the door to open. You might want to download latest version, and check in the walkthrough around 25:30 if it does not work for you. I realize I gave you false information on inhuman, got tangled :(  

croco and poly = 5+4+2

Inhu-el = 4+5+8

for NF you are on the good track, 6+6 and then not +0 but in a possible range if you know what I mean.


gaah, level 5-(-6) is so confusing, I legit tried using the grass to get a combination

Did you find out in the end? In next update, the clue will be phrased in a slightly less misleading way. I can assure you it is nothing as subtle as the grass ;)


nope, like before I saw a tree in the bottom and I took the uncreativity as "oh, tree -> 3", but a bunch of 3s didnt work either

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pls halp I am is confusion

The new clue will be phrased like that 'AS IF I WOULD SHARE MY CODE TO ANYBODY AHAH' Remember what the smalley in level -1 was saying ? Take it together with what the smalley is saying

Also there is an additionnal clue in level 5/-2 hidden somewhere



I've initially tried the "I AM SHY" code as it was also seemed related...


I'm stuck on the very first level. "The blue blocks like to dance" the help says. What blue blocks? the only thing I see that might even be considered to be a blue block is Barky themself (because they're blue), and I've been dancing Barky around for five minutes and nothing is happening.

Ok I got past that one, but now I'm stuck on "Spikeys"

Alright, I beat who's who by guessing (three of them I guessed) but I don't know how to get past the lock to the right of it. I know I need to get to the right of it, but I have no idea how

Unless there's a secret way, but IDK


I'll phrase it a different way: how do you get to this level?

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see the 3 grasses near the beginning of the world? *Cough Cough* godowninbetweenthemandfollowthepath *Cough Cough* what?

Can you give some clues on it? I'm scratching my head.

(1 edit)

There is some help that was supposed to popup if you are stuck for too long in first level. For some reason it was not working properly, it will be fixed in next update. edit: fix is live


"Dilemna" has had me stuck for much longer than i'd like to admit...


It's a tough level be proud!

I got the part about the yellow and pink squares and unlocked the rightmost gates, but I have no idea how to get the left two gates open. I'm embarassed to ask, but can you provide assistance

for the 2 leftmost, look at the beastopedia, there is something about a dilemna

OHHH thank you! I never thought to look at the papers!

I understand nothing about this level. I got the gates to open twice, but I do not even know what I did to open them.

left doors are linked to bottom switches. You will have to find a way to press them.

right doors are opened through another mean, which would be extremely spoilery to share. It's all about pattern.


I am still lost.


Une petite contribution bien méritée pour ce jeu que j'avais adoré lors du chapter 1, entièrement mérité.
Le seul point noir, la gratuité? Vu le boulot? Mais tu es fou ! ^^

Merci c'est très gentil! J’espère que tu viendras à bout des autres chapitres ;)

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im not sure i get the whos who level, the smallie is right i dont have anough info to get through the level, and when i try and search up the results it brings me to the detective gui movie/books please help.

im also not sure if its when they first showed up or there places in chapter 2

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Hi there! Smalleys are honest, you should ignore that level for now :) You still have plenty to discover in other levels.

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ok thank you, but for future reference is it their first places they show up in chapter 2, or first level they show up at all?


Actually, the only level I can do that I haven't completed is Who's Who

Did you ever solve it? I'm stuck on it too. Maybe we can work it out together.


I'm not sure how to get to the secret levels in Chapter 1. Can anyone help me out?

Hello. I gave you some kind of reply in Chapter1 Development log, I would like to avoid spoilers here :)


Great ideas, would love to see what's next!

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Am I the only one that got confused on "The Power of Life" level?

No. I found that you can walk on red numbers, but that doesn't seem like the intended solution.


There's another person there that needs to be revived, not just you.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention :)

Currently, if you are stuck for around 3 minutes in that particular level, arrows appear giving you clues.

Did you miss the arrows because they are too subtle (I could make them blink to attract attention) or perhaps they take too long to appear ?


Yeah, I'd say that the arrows take a tad too long to appear. That and I kept restarting the level to see if I missed something

Thanks! The hint will now appear much sooner when I push next update(1 minute against 4 minutes before)


very nice pls make more


I would like a way to go between all levels, even when I find a secret


Hi there. There is already one way that you might not have found yet. In any case, you are spot on, I added a teleporter to go back to earlier levels.

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