Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Shigeru Miyamoto had never existed?

Did you ever ask yourself why there aren't more platformers behaving like an old school RPG?

Get ready to discover what, and why...

...Year is 2021.

In this new TV reality show, candidates try to win money in a platformer cosplay. Will they earn the big prize? Or will they fail or give up?

Game made for 1 Bit Clicker Jam

If you want to play the game again and didn't have enough, play the secret sequel

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags1-bit, GameMaker, Mouse only
Average sessionAbout an hour


IfPlatformersWereRpgs1-1.0.0.exe 3 MB

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This game was great, an interesting and also humorous concept. Had a blast playing!

This isnt an rpg but an idle game

Is the bar to win getting a roll below skill-difficulty?

fun game

I was surprised how much fun I had with this game, enough to complete both parts 😂 thanks for creating and publishing it! :)


I thought losing to motivation would always have the guy sit down...



got both to the end, was expecting some secret but i guess not, still fun i guess

Clever little app... I looked up and 20 minutes went by. I hope you're porting this to mobile.


Really freaking fun.

I can get really obsessed with tycoons and this felt just like one.

The more you progress in a game (even if you die) your stats stay meaning you get better and better every time.

It was honestly really fun for the twenty minutes I played it.

I stopped playing after all my stats got to sixty-nine:

Over all a very fun game and I recommend you try it.

(It's free, like if you don't then you wouldn't be able to even read this comment because you clearly don't have access to the internet and/or electronics.)

HUGE TIP: BUY THE EXTRA CANDIDATE EVERY TIME it is extremely worth it as you will earn double-fame.

really enjoyed it!

i just tried downloading both this and your secret game... neither of them seem to work, is there a problem with windows computers? or???

I added windows build for both, it wasn't initially built for it so let me know if it works for you :)

sorry i was AFK for an extended period and only just saw this, ill give it a shot

works great, found 1 bug, can you add full screen support? just wondering, it super bugs with no way to close it, i thought maybe id get to see more of the path at once

also just wondering, do you ever plan to add more to the game? seems like you could add in all sorts of stuff like coins to buy gear or levels or stuff

Hi there,

It was only a jam game, you can try the sequet I put more work into if you want:

It's a very charming game. I love funny lines. 

Yay, game finished with both character at the same time :D, with "max" stats everywhere (125/115/115/115)

The game is strangely appealing, i didn't expect to play it for so long and be interested in it. It was fun as long as there was progression, but when you get to 90 and pass every check except for epic fails, its a bit frustrating. You could have the best character in the world with 300 in every stat, but after 20 checks there would only be a 35% chance he was still alive.The 5% epic fail are too penalizing, i think it would be better if the check was (not passed and inside of 5 points of the worst roll that could be achieved). If i pass a roll but still fail epicly, it feels cheaty.

This is a valid point and the reason there are only 20 checks. If you think about it, is 1/3 such bad odds 😉? 

Frustration is part of the experience! Do not worry though, I won't include such an unfair mechanic in future games, at least not with those consequences

Deleted post

Thank you :) itch.io is really great for this


I fortunately wasn't born in this era but I just don't get why people like stuff like Dungeons and Dragons.
Playing the game and performing or failing actions based on dice rolls?
I want to beat a game by my skills not on mere luck from a pseudo random number generator.

I see tha you remade platformer as an old school rpg and I like the idea behind it.
But I can't understand why these rpgs could have ever been popular :-D


Well you got the point :)

It has been popular because it was an easy way to increase what a player can do when you are limited technically. Even now, you can't always have a player skill based action for everything. How do you know if you succeed in a surgery? If your character is able to lift a rock or a boulder ?

As for D&D, people like it because you are only limited by the collective imagination. A game is a different media, you can't really compare.

Even on starcraft, you can hardly find more skill in a game, units have a chance to dodge hits when shot from lower ground :) League of legends also has random elements.

By enforcing skill based action only, what a player can do is limited by the work of the developpers. RPG fun does not come from rolling a dice to perform an action but to be able to choose what action to perform at what time.

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Cool game, neat concept and awesome minimalistic graphics. Too bad it doesn't run when on another window. I like how the candidates stay on the level the whole time. Good job!

I think it's a very good concept, but didn't personally understand most of it. Could have been just me, but something about the UI needs to be clearer. :)

I like this game. Though it's more an incremental than it is a clicker. I'd prefer if it was more fast paced though, maybe clicking just to speed it up, lol.

Hey there! I played this on my channel, it was a pretty fun little game, very random!

Hi I really liked the game and decided to do a let's play! Hope you enjoy! :D https://youtu.be/dBrogG5n9tU

:) always use extra candidate when you can !

  • you randomly roll the dice 1-100
  • difficulty starts low (-50) and goes up
  • if you roll lower than skill - difficulty you win! (exemple: difficulty 20, your skill is 50, you must roll 30 or less)

Really Good Game ! I love the scenario . I love it !

Thanks :) !

Really fun clicker. I love the "What if" scenario of traditional platformer never coming into existence.

how does the difficulty and dice rolls decide if u succeed or not? i know that the higher your skill is, the better you are, but i don't know where the dice and difficulty fit in


You roll the dice:

  • if dice roll < (skill - difficulty) success
  • if dice roll =< 5 super success
  • if dice roll > 95 epic fail !

The better the stat, the better the odds ! but difficulty is not the same everywhere :)

thanks! that really cleared a lot of confusion over why my person was dying at random spots, even though the skill required is 90+.

Fun clicker!

the end (and the way we restart) is interesting...

Thank you !

I used to have a brilliant amber monitor. 11" if I remember. used for wordperfect...

I love the look - brilliant choice of colors

Thank you (nice pun) ;)

That's nice to hear from a palette person ^^

Believe it or not, I used to work with monitors with those colors. #C000C0 for the win !