Every Metroidvania Ever

Every Metroidvania Ever is a metroidvania created for https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2018

Here, you won't be able to control the player, but will take decisions according to exploration and items.

Isn't it just an adventure text game then ? Nope, the character will respond better and better, as in the hands of a player in classic metroidvanias...

Players that find the genre too difficult can have some overview of some aspects of the genre ;)

Have fun!

How to play:

  • press V if you have multiple weapons to switch
  • press C to switch color mode (alternate is work in progress)
  • WASD for movement


  • Press Start font by Codeman38
  • OpenMpt for music
  • sfxr to generate sounds by DrPetter
  • made with GameMaker
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker

Development log


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Hope ya finish this

I can't get past the monster after I get the bombs, I need help

It has a weak spot.

Aim for the pink

On the room on the left of the spaceship: if you shoot at the ring with your gun, without even having the whip in your inventory at all, the dialogue that appears is for the whip. Strange glitch.

hella fun but UNFINISHED oh my heart breaks...

u still gonna work on this dev?

zork metroidvania??? YES PLEASE

Is the room that says END OF VERSION as far as the current version of the game goes? I can see map beyond that, but I can't find any way further...

hey that is correct, you went as far as you could. I intend to rework on it, but nothing will be ready for a long long time.


i seem to have lost interest after a couple of turns


This really was Every Metroidvania Game Ever. I could clearly feel bits and pieces clicking together in my mind, and most Metroidvania games I've played could be attached to that.

I enjoyed it! It really did feel like playing a Super Metroid knockoff. :) Looking forward to seeing the full version!


I loved this game! Suprising short though... i actually beat the first and final boss. i did so by learning their attack patterns



First boss is impossible


nope it's not. Troll ?

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Yeah, seems impossible to me, tried it three times, first time I was lucky and survived long enough to figure out how it probably should be done but the 2nd and 3rd time I simply died despite doing everything seemingly right. Maybe you should adjust how often you are allowed to get bad rolls(assuming you are using a random bag system or similar to prevent extremely lucky/unlucky streaks).



 I calculated and currently your life span should be 9 attacks from the boss on average. To take down the boss 5 tries on average are sufficient.

This does not even take into account hidden skill stat meaning the odds are even better. I think I will slightly change damage dealt by the boss, but I can't make it easier to the point where doing random things will kill the boss. If you understand the pattern, boss will be quite easy (I will add a clue in next version)


Well if your rolls can have around 18/22 attempts fail(get hit, miss) I think you should reduce the size of the random rolls bag or something.

Pink worked for me


I had a ton of fun with this as someone who loves the aesthetic of metroidvanias who is also has terrible reflexes. I hope you extend it in the future!


I really wanted to give a kinda metroidvania feel without the difficulty but I wasn't sure that some people would enjoy it. Thanks for the comment, I will but it will take some time !


Awesome concept, looooved it! I really hope you extend this post jam :)


I can't get past the first boss. It seems random whether your shot is effective or not. The first time I played it said the belly was blue and I shot it and it worked, so I assumed that I should shoot blue things always. but it didn't work. I can see no correlation btween the colors and the effectiveness of your shot.


Hi there. It is weird, I tried plenty of combinaison but blue never worked for me (as intended).


Very well done. Wish it was longer! I was getting into it.


I love this game and found it to be an incredibly fascinating experience!


Sounds are amazing, concept very  nice ! It's a great entry ! Make a full game !


Bretty gud.
Really unusual to see a Metroidvania as a text-based adventure


aaaaaaaaaaaaah I really hope you continue this game! I really loved the demo.


This game is awsome, i wanted more of it. It is super fun and clever, an the music and sound effects work great with it!

I would buy this game if it came out, it is so good. 5/5


Love the sound effects and music. what do you mean by "the character will respond better and better, as in the hands of a player in a classic metroidvanias"? I did notice some randomness about whether or not I would make a jump or dodge a bullet, but are there mechanics behind that like you imply?


Yup, although it doesn't show a lot in the demo:

  • every skill test you perform and for some action, you win a small skill boost for every future action.
  • depending on the action, the permanent boost is more or less important
  • depending on the action, there is a cap to how much you can increase your skill with said action (you won't be good at a game just jumping over the ennemies in the first screen)

For example if you fail on the first boss again and again, each time you will have better odds to shoot correctly, even if you don't save the game. I could have done without this mechanic, but in case I expand on the game I think it will be important for a smoother experience.


Thats awsome

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super jeu mais il y a des moments certains problème de génération et on se retrouve bloquer dès le début.

Salut, merci pour le commentaire.
Pourrais tu me donner un ou deux exemples afin que je puisse corriger cela post jam ?

J'ai lancé le jeu et puis au bout de cinq salle j'étais bloquer , plus rien à fair


Captures the atmosphere really well :)