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Simulation improvements
Hello players! For this version, 2 new features are coming: relation between switches and what they trigger trajectory prediction Minor changes: typo a clue for...
2 files — 1.0.2
Cool Headed 1.0 is out
After 2 and a half years of work, Cool Headed is finally out ! Cool Headed is a puzzle game inspired by lemmings and lost vikings. When I was a kid, I loved lem...
1 file — 1.0.0
Cool Headed last beta
Hi there, Version now contains all accomplishements big swap choice arrow only appears after clearing world1 (unecessary before that) big swap arrow design slig...
2 files — 0.9.1
the dwellers tune
Hi there, Today's build are incorporating a new song for the dwellers dimension, and minor adjustments. Game is now very near 1.0 state and will be stabilized a...
2 files — 0.8.91, 0.8.9
A new track is now played on the second world, Gondavana, to replace the previous one that was made a long time ago. I am quite happy with this one. Next step w...
2 files — 0.8.8
let's change that order
Bots order has been changed from left to right to right to left Level screen does not show empty slots during deployment phase Archipelago has been repaired (on...
2 files — 0.8.7
achievements and performance
Dear players, Lots of stuff have been added this week: last cutscene of the game achievement screen and several achievements improvement of performance, mostly...
2 files — 0.8.5
Expanded demo and butler
Hi there I finally took the time to use built-in itch io functionalities, users of app won't have to painfully download new builds ;) Demo (and of cours...
2 files — 0.8.2