Expanded demo and butler

Hi there

I finally took the time to use built-in itch io functionalities, users of itch.io app won't have to painfully download new builds ;)

Demo (and of course main build) has been expanded by 3 new levels that gives a sneak peak of the mysterious dwellers dimension.

As for the full game, all levels (except maybe one or two bonus levels) are done, so it is time to craft the ending and a last secret. After that it will be polish and touches, and finally code optimizations. Don't worry about not having an ending yet, I am confident nobody will reach the end of the game before it is there ;)

Have fun !


cool-headed-windows-demo.zip 12 MB
Version 0.8.2 17 days ago
cool-headed-windows-beta.zip 13 MB
Version 0.8.2 17 days ago

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