Puzzle tracks

Hi there

I recently received feedback on the music, that was perceived as a bit too present for a puzzle game.

To remedy this, I have almost doubled crystal cave track and jungle track. I will probably proceed with all tracks in due time and add a few missing sounds as well.

Currently most of my focus is on the dweller dimension. Overworld is done, I am currently working on the "Traveller Bot" that will be a key piece for solving the puzzles to come.

Don't hesitate to share your experience with full game or demo and have fun !

Here is the first level, a lot more tricky than it looks, but it should not be much of a challenge for players reaching this stage


CoolHeaded-Default- 36 MB
Mar 14, 2018
CoolHeaded-Demo- 22 MB
Mar 14, 2018
CoolHeaded-Demo- 23 MB
Mar 14, 2018

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Ouch there was an issue with with a music being played instead of the duck quacking. It is now corrected.