The Power of What... a puzzle and easy platformer meta-game.

CONTROLS (mouse+keyboard):

  • left = A or Q or left arrow
  • right = D or right arrow
  • jump = spacebar
  • clic = left clic

I will probably do a mini polish update later and plan to release a windows download,  Let me know how it goes!

Have fun :)


Install instructions

v1.0.0.1 fixes a windows only bug (game crashing when swapping player/foes and player dead) post-jam


Download (latest) 5 MB
Download (jam version) 5 MB

Development log


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on level 7 now.

"unfinished" is not a clue. it's all level 5 basically.

The problem is, theres no way to go back to the levle you were at when you stop and start again.

I found level 0.

it was boring, but i liked it's existence.


Didn't find -1 though ;)


I'm SUPER stuck on level 2--tried the same things I tried in level 1.....

Hi there, every level comes with a different solution generally linked to level title. In this one think music + life ;)

I was about to say "makes sense, but there's literally no music playing" and I didn't notice there was a music button until now :P

Really cool idea! Super stuck on level 4 though...

Ok I figured it all out, and this is a really solid idea, with solid execution too. I even got to level 0, which was a joy when I figured out it existed

and there is more ;) Well done coming so far !

Took me some time to figure out the first level, but after that, I was just so impressed by how well put together, polished and original this game is. I'm an absolute sucker for pixel art, retro and even low palette pixel art when done right, and you nailed it! Music is awesome too :) <3

You even took the time to have two separate "jump" sounds as to not get too monotonous. This definitely isn't your first game, and it shows, great job!! <3

Awesome game! I had a good time playing it! 

Took me  a while to get past the first level but when I figured it out it was very rewarding thinking of how you can solve the level. Nice job!

wow  what a great  puzzle mechanic.

This is genius! I got stuck at level 5. 

well done :) level name is a clue !

um where is the door?

you need to think outside of the box hint 'level'

I figured it out

Very cool game! You get stuck, and then realize a new way you can "play" the game. Great idea, good execution. Solid game. 

It's very nice! :D

Very interesting concept. Got stuck in the third level, but I liked it.

Good controls, good artstyle. Very georgeous!

I just uploaded a build to make that third level a little bit easier, thanks for the comment !

I found difficulty of the 3rd level alright. Completing it before it was changed was more satisfying although it took a lot of tries.

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Are unfinished levels really unfinished?

nope ;)