'I wanna be the GUI' is a short game where you are the interface, blurring the line of diegetic interfaces.

Will you become a proper interface sergeant GUI can be proud of ?

Music were not made for the jam and are from previous projects.

attached png inspired by the diagram of Fagerholt, Lorentzon (2009) in "Beyond the HUD - User Interfaces for Increased Player Immersion in FPS Games".

Extra Diegetic

Game was selected for the Extra Diegetic UI challenge by the Jam crew, you can find the full list of selected games here: http://becausegamesmatter

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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I liked it. Ending was a bit disturbing though.


A really unique concept considering how most people wouldn't even consider the GUI as the player character (or the meta player character?).  There was a bit of a challenge spike where you had to really pay attention when it came to the coin count, but otherwise it was pretty straightforward. That ending was really something too, never thought I could feel for a text box. Glad you had a choice though!


I like the type of feeling it conveys. I was playing a GUI that was supposed to follow instructions and  my sole purpose was to help the player.  Yet at the end I had  to make a personal choice that mattered. I wish there were more after that though. Pretty solid game considering the time span for the game jam. Good job!


Cool idea! Took a bit of time to get what was expected sometimes, but I like the idea and the progression feels pretty good!


Really loved the ending! Great work!


Quite a novel idea. I had fun with this one. Great work!


Really cool concept. Loved how varied the challenges were. The translation one in particular was really cleverly designed.

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At the begining I stuck on the tutorial ( the character walked outside the window and never came back :') ) but then I start the game and it felt really cool. Really a great GUI game (a bit sad at the end :'( poor GUIs). Really awesome!


I'm stuck too - how did you got out? :)


I literally spammed keys and eventually it switched levels :p


Such a great idea! Great work! 


This game was great and strange and I love it :D


Very interesting... I enjoyed this.


Very good concept and art! Good job!


Funny twist at the end :)

I wonder if this concept can be reused as a training game to make understandable UI. Not focusing on timing as with the coins and life, but just on design; basically a UI editor with some feedback. Of course it would be limited as all the player feedback would be scripted/computed and not actual human feedback, but may be enough for a beginner.

I was reluctant to start the first mission ;)


This was a really great concept and really fun! great job!!


Wow man, I had alot of fun in this game. Would like to see it expanded into a full title. 

I think you could of done a little more, having the "player" act more like players and do thing more things that a GUI would have to deal with at the same time.  But I am just reaching to give some critical feedback at this stage. 

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Hey there! I often do a focus on gameplay before story, I wanted to emphasize story a bit more this time around ;)

But yeah, juggling with GUI things could be quite fun!