Gas Dwellers is an experimental game where you need to collect ressources to reach an objective.

How to play?

  • played with the mouse, clic on the small critter image on top left to spawn one (costs 1 matter)
  • for more complex actions, clic on action and select the building you want to use, or the destroy option
  • you can mute with -M- and shortcut to destroy is -D-
  • critters will automatically collect ressources and bring them back
  • when it is night, beware of the watchers's sanitation sweeps
  • you can Pause the game with -spacebar-, and perform actions while the game is paused

The buildings

  • the air propulser : will make critters fly upward
  • the walls, horizontal and vertical: will block movement
  • the dispatcher: first critter will go downstairs, second one will go upstairs, and so on.
  • the red/green lights: they will block incoming critters if there is a critter in front of it
  • the teleporter: will project a critter 2 blocks further

Jam version is 6 level long.

  • made with GameMaker
  • music made with OpenMpt
  • Sounds generated with SFXR
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker


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Not very often I find a creator as awesome as you, if I could rate creators, you'd get five stars.

Is the level with the goal of 2 RGB possible?

yup.  try destroying block under main building ;)

Oh -_- Got it c:

I really like the music!

Such a cool game. Really love the mechanics of it. Easy to learn, but hard to master! I have only played up to level 3, but I really dig it so far! :)